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What is Bird Symbolism ?

      ThiS Web BOO|C makes no claim to literary merit. It is a work of research and documentation and a glorious amount of Inspiration from the Universal Creator ( I am Eternally Grateful ), giving evidence which I trust will help the reader in drawing his/her own conclusion. This unveiling of the Veil which has been hidden from society for 3000 years except for the chosen initiate.

“You have to be calm and be in the present to see and understand bird symbolism. It is the only way to understand the universe and the bird symbolism that forms it”

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      Bird symbolism is the natural formation of any type of matter over a bird symbol. That is how it grows and expands by forming over  the lattice of reality, which is a bird symbol. It is an infinite lattice of uninhabited bird symbols which have the potential energy till they are infused with matter/energy which will make them manifest into a realized energy state.

To put it in a scientific expression , “the Cosmic bird Symbol is Planck’s constant”

      This books tries to convince you that the Cosmic Bird Symbol is the only real thing in our Universe. It is what everything is made of, you, me, the Animal kingdom, the Ether, down to the Quantum level. My proof is not empirical evidence, It is real evidence hidden in plain sight within paintings, images, and the natural bird formation which form spontaneously. It is what the ancients tried to tell us, cave men in their cave drawings, it is what the Annu-Naaki’s taught the Sumerians, the Mayans, almost all of the ancient civilizations, their entire culture was based on the understanding of bird symbolism. nature also manifests bird symbolism spontaneously attracting other birds ( symbolic) in the environment governed by the Universal Cosmic bird symbolism which follows Sacred geometry principles. It also argues about the Dua’lity in everything and the necessity of an opposition. if there is an upper world bird, there must be a lower world bird, which is a fish, it is flying in the lower world, Symbolically speaking that is the Opposition. Symbolism is very simple to understand at the beginning. opposition or Dua’lity makes it simple breaking every single juncture into two. it gets simpler not difficult as you dive deep. and it is very important to understand that it does not depend on your IQ level or technical abilities. it is about understanding and feeling by being silence in the present. because you will find the answer to every challenge within you ( I am writing at this very moment in that state ) I am not thinking about what to write next, i am just trying to calm myself down and be in the present, and then get lost in my thought, and within seconds, I am typing. it is a weird way of communicating with the ether energy, but as far as i understand it, that is how it works, be present and lose yourself in whatever you are doing. The good thing is understanding bird symbolism is not a unique trait endowed on a chosen few. We all have it within us to see and understand it. We just need to accept the reality around us as it is and be present, find out, who you really are ??? and you are in a better state to understand bird symbolism.

The hand of Thoth with a Cosmic bird symbol
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      there are other minor factors that help your transition, like taking cold showers right after you wake up and meditating for at least 15 minutes to 1 hour. You will get there much faster and you will observe all the fear gradually subsiding from within you.

      It has always been there from the beginning, cave men and people of renown knew about it. That is how they build all those magnificent megalithic structures which still baffle us and couldn’t fully understand it to this day. The key to understanding the ancients and our own story in this universe is understanding bird symbolism. it was the key to everything in the Universe. This is the only symbol that fits in the space-time fabric, it is the only symbol that forms over everything, living and non-living matter, even the ether and down to the quantum level. it is Planck’s constant to put it in physics terms. Understanding bird Symbolism is our key to the advancement in space and the future of our species. everything depends on the state of the bird symbol. Take cloud formation, ancient farmers need only to look at the state of the bird’s in the sky to know when rain will be falling from the sky, if is it going to rain continuously or for hours, and a great deal of understanding just by simply looking at the sky. of course, there was a person chosen for this specific purpose from the community, his selection is also based on the bird formation on the day he was born, and what are the state of the physical bird symbols over his body, over the sky, and how did the other bird’s react ? where they afraid of him ? The community shaman or a seer male/female is the one responsible for this task and he is also chosen based on the bird symbol on his physical body and the state of birds on the day in the sky the day he was born. everything they did was based on the understanding of the bird symbol in their environment. This is a secret hidden from society for over 3000 years except for a few within secret societies and the priesthood across different faiths. It was the most instrumental tool at their disposal. popes, Imams, and Kings have used it for millennia to subdue the population into obedience. The society back then also understood the implications of bird Symbolism on their daily lives and they paid special attention to the state of the birds within their body and their community.

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       there is natural bird formation all over the universe manifesting every micro second by intelligent design, and you also have the man made bird symbolism hidden in plain sight just like the way natural bird symbols behave. renaissance paintings are full of it, Hollywood can’t exist without bird symbolism, it is it’s bread and butter. city planning and architecture of cities like DC, New York, London, Paris are built on architecture based on bird symbolism, All secret societies are based on bird symbolism, they flaunt their hidden bird symbols every chance they get, when they shake hands, when they gesture, when they want to send a secret message. bird symbol is the easiest symbol to form with our hands. just tucking half our hands into our pocket could symbolize bird symbolism. The 666 symbol that you thought was satanic is a flying bird symbolism which has powers of seduction which is frequently flashed by rappers and pop singers. King Haile Selassie of Ethiopia flashes it every time. almost all Multi national companies have logos full of bird symbolism. The Sumerian and Egyptian and all ancient alphabets are bird symbols and they tried to tell us in every structure they built by hiding them in plain sight, All the symbols of the Zodiac signs are folding or unfolding bird symbols. If you take a closer look at the DNA, or any living cell under a microscope, you will find early bird formations all over the place. there is bird symbolism all over the surface of the planets in our solar system including the Sun. I have realized Mars doesn’t have as obvious bird Symbolism as our planet, and I assume most of the planets. There is a reason behind it.

Why do you think Tesla fell in love with a pigeon and told us about the power of 3,6,9 ?

      I found out about the universal bird symbolism while researching on Sumerian, Assyrian, & Akkadian tablets and artifacts I suspected a year ago in 2019 when I saw an animal looking formation over a land I was researching using Google earth. I outlined it, and it looked like the marks of an ancient city. Then a few months pass while researching Sumerian, Akkadian, & Assyrian artifacts, I realized in one of the images, the position of the finger was not in the normal position. The thumb of the right hand seems to be on the right side, which isn’t normal for a human. I was suspicious, but still concluded as an Anomaly, or maybe this is the hands of the Gods. Finally at the end of June, it was revealed to me, I was inspired to see the birds, and I get a hunch that it must be all birds. Then all the things that I read and watched started to make sense to me. A bird or it’s wings was always on display in many of the ancient relics. Most emblems of nations are birds or a star which represents a bird. I was never excited more in my life. I decided to confirm by looking at more Mesopotamian artifacts, I started finding them all over the place, the more I zoomed, the more I found bird symbols.

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      I decided to further look into it, and now I was inspired to think that the whole universe might be made out of bird symbolism. the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.

      I contiously worked for weeks staring, zooming in and out of all the major historical artifacts, paintings from the Sumerian age till the present. And finally, my theory was right to a much higher degree than I assumed.

      During the whole journey, my biggest hunch was the symbolism in secret societies and organized religions. The more I looked into the images, the more I found out hidden bird symbols everywhere from the time of the Crusades, the Renaissance, the Gothic period ( which was a highly occultist and symbolic culture ) .

      Another major discovery I made was by accident. I had a poster of the World Map on my wall next to my bed. While busy for 3 days continuously staring at images, I glanced at the map which was to the right side of my bed on the wall. And I saw a Lion’s face forming over Australia. I stared at it, it looks like a lion, but I also thought I was going crazy at that point after spending weeks staring at images looking for bird formations. Then it hit me, I could confirm if the lion symbol formation is real or not. I just had to open Google Earth, and Lo and behold it was there, in fact much more glorious and clearer than in the map. I was discouraged and excited at the same time. I thought this means it is not only bird symbols, there are other animal symbols too. And I checked every continent in the world and I found a multitude of animal, and most of it was birds. I was getting confused. So I decided the best way to move was to continue finding animal formations all over the world and see what comes out. I finally marked and outlined enough animal formations in their natural habitat that I was convinced. In the middle of it, a break through, I found the #GuardianOwl hugging the whole world. This switched my interest to the theory of bird symbolism as the ultimate symbol once more. After finding the #GuardianOwl, I decide to go back to the first place that sparked my curiosity, it is in Northern Aby-Sina-iya. And I was surprised to find out that it was full of birds. The outline I made first without understanding symbolism turned out be an upside down bird. It was full of birds, then I realized even the rest of the animal natural formations were made out of small bird symbols. The big birds natural formations themselves are made out of smaller bird formations. This was the final straw that broke the camel’s back. It confirmed to me that my theory of bird symbolism was on point, I am right or I believe I am right. it is all the same.

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      Once I confirmed that bird symbolism forms everything. I started to think why it was hidden from society for so long and why the secrecy during this whole period of history by the people who know about bird symbolism. There must be something they must be gaining, it wasn’t that hard. I realized that bird symbolism is energy and you could create man made bird symbolism based on sacred Geometry. And you could use that symbolic energy to control people as a group or a community. and once you have them believe in what ever you are offering after putting a symbolic spell on them, then they are all yours to control and manipulate. This is the basis of every organized religion.The secret societies control the society in the material world and the organized religions control the society in the spiritual world. They are 2 faces of the same coin. At least organized religions are mandated by the Gods to guide society, which they haven’t in the last 100 years, in fact their powers were usurped by the governors of the material world. It is a chapter by itself.

      If bird symbolism is manifested energy. Then it is logical to deduce Symbolism is the Universal language, and bird symbols are the letters that make the infinite alphabet which is given meaning based on the state of the bird. The symbolism manifests itself to each individual or group based on their level of understanding of bird symbolism and the energy they put to manifest it.

      That is why the Universal Language is Symbolism, If that is the case, any written form or drawing or sculpting is Symbolism and it is suppose to speak to us without uttering a word. You have to understand and feel it. . 

“This book unveils “The Secret” hidden from every Man/Woman for thousands of years, once and for all. it claims confidently and without any reservation or apology that everything in the Universe is made out of bird symbols down to the quantum level, and Symbolism is the universal language”

      If you understand bird symbolism, you will understand why the ancients had many deities. because every deity represented a situation and environment they are in. it is like a guard to a gate, when Gilgamesh asks Sin to allow him to pass on his way to the land of shem. but Sin is a God of that area selected by his father, Enlil, who in turn is selected by his father Anu, because he was a first born as fate would have it. it wasn’t lost to the ancients that it is the bird symbol that unites everything in the Universe.

      The God’s showed a few of the secrets and mysteries of the World to a selected few and a much fewer about the mysteries of the universe to a lesser few who they believed were worthy.

      To conclude the ancients knew about the Oneness of the Universe and they also knew gods where Planetary Energy rulers. That is why their cultures was intimate with the unseen and the spirit world. They knew the value of listening and observing the signs and understanding it. It was the divine way of life, if you will. It is the lifestyle chosen for humanity by nature. It is fair and doesn’t discriminate, who ever places his fate in the Universal Order of things and the bird symbols that arrange it, will get exactly as what he put, speaking in energy terms. Karma is the best term that explains the nature of an Opposition/Dua’lity.

      A Fish is an underwater bird. it flies in the water and lays eggs. As above , so below, if a bird is flying above water, a bird must be flying underwater too. if you understand the world\universe in terms of bird symbolism and Dua’lity, which is how it was designed to be. it makes everything less complicated and easier to understand to the average person.

      Dragons are the guardians of the Lower World, that is why they could spit fire and lava which is what the lower world is made of. when i say lower world, i mean the unseen world, which also includes beneath the earth, which is where we all go when we die, to the grave, to the lower world, to the dragons layer, if you like, and our fates will be decided if we are reborn as a reptilian or a bird symbol. if you are transformed like a bird, you will rise from the ashes like a phoenix, which is a symbolic Metaphor for transformation.

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      A snakes favorite meal is an egg, and a birds is a reptile and a snake. ( this days they are feeding on their own, rodents more than average due to ecological catastrophe’s. ) most ancient civilizations use the bird with a snake on it’s mouth as the symbol of their land. The native American culture have knowledge and memory of the decisive battle that won the battle for the Annu-naki. the celestial battle too, which is true, when you look at the surface of the planets in our solar system. they are full of bird symbolism. even the Orion galaxy has bird symbolism, which is why is revered by the ancient Egyptians. the Sumerian tablets tell us, there were snake god’s and have artifacts and drawings depicting them. Other cultures also talk about snake God’s who ruled Earth. the evidence between the war of the Snake God’s and the Bird God’s is abundant, if you take a look at Tiamat and Nibiru’s battle in Sumerian texts, if you look the dogma held against snakes to this day. Our own natural fear of snakes and associating a person who is shrewd as a snake. And Symbolically a snake is the only animal that doesn’t have anything to support it to walk, or crawl or fly. It is a symbolic punishment and a reminder for anyone to understand. A snake also hugs the earth closely, attached to it, every single moment, while a bird is detached and flying, it is a symbolic opposition.

      Duality is the marriage of the snake and the bird, even symbolically. even if you look at the Myth of the Greece and Sumerians, it was a family battle, the son’s evolved and the father couldn’t come to terms to it. And the solution was to destroy what he built by his own, Uranus, Cronus, Zeus, it is a cycle. The Sumerians had Tiamat and Nibiru, Tiamat which is represented by a Dragon. It all points to a merging of the snake and bird energy, with the bird coming on top, and the snake being the Opposition.

      you could see a snake flowing within bird symbolism, it is always there. just like bird symbolism is the symbol that glues everything. bird symbolism is made out of snake symbols. so it make perfect sense, the universe we live is the symbolical marriage of bird symbolism and snake symbolism. Even Darwin’s theory supports it.

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      An answer from a biologist, if birds are reptiles. “Archosaurs were the ancestors of dinosaurs and crocodiles, but they were only distantly related to modern snakes, lizards, and turtles, groups that had split off at different times. Then, 65 million years ago there was a massive extinction event, and all dinosaurs were killed except for a single group of feathered dinosaurs. These evolved over the next 65 million years into modern birds. So birds aren’t just closely related to dinosaurs, they really are dinosaurs! And they are most closely related to crocodiles, which also came from archosaurs.” 

      As you can see everything was wiped out except for a few reptilian/bird species, Go figure. and it also confirms to us that birds evolved from Reptiles according to “empirical” science.

      Who taught them about bird symbolism ? obviously the Anu-Naki. they taught the priests first, the first priests, priests to the God’s themselves. Adapa is a good example, this were the kind of priests who will not do anything other than what they have been told by their God, even if immortality is on the line. When the Anu-Naki left, the priesthood turned in religions. based on what they have been taught they tried to lead their people and they knew the knowledge they had was not for the herd, it was for a chosen few who have proven themselves. this are the beginnings of Secret Societies which still exist to this day, though many people refuse to acknowledge their existence.

      Obelisk Ad Quadratums. The Octogram star used in almost all major religions. It starts with the star of Inana, the  Hindu star of Lakhsmeet, Egyptian Ogdoad, Celtic calendar, Valenti-an Gnosticism, The Buddhist wheel of Dharma, Rub El Hizb in Islam, in Christ panto-grate, the transfiguration, even the Aztec culture across the Atlantic has it. What binds all of them and all of us is the cosmic egg in their sacred Symbolism, We are all One. Division is Man made instigated by evil forces within our mist.Ancient Astronomy is based on positioning the stone structure like a bird symbol based on the calculated astronomy

Move the slider to unveil the Bird Symbolism

on where the sun will rise. When the sun rises, symbolically the eye, and it when it reaches a certain degree, it makes the symbOl of the expected bird with the eye ( Sun ), and the shamans will proceed with the ritual.Bird are the only animals who are totally free compared to the rest of the animal kingdom. They are the only animals that could fly, they could migrate to wherever they want to, if they choose to, even cross continents and go to uninhabited islands,. ( Fishes have bird symbolism also, the tail the wing, their ribs as wings in water, symbolically and we have no idea what else they can do with it. ) Birds are the only creature who build nests ( homes for the young ), all of them.you can’t pet a bird, it is not created by design ( you can’t rub a feather, you will spoil the symmetry )  to be petted or caged, the only thing is to scratch its head for it, if it lets you. They are the only animals that can soar high to the sky. The rest of us are tethered to gravity, the symbolism is obvious. They are allowed to soar high, because everything is made out of birds symbol, the signature of the Universe is a bird symbol. But if you insist, and put in a cage, and  take it out every morning, hold it, rub it against its will, of course it will let you, it doesn’t have a choice. Animals understand the universal order far far better than us.Therefore, when many ancient cultures chose to examine reality through the metaphors of geometry and music (music being the study of the proportional laws of sound frequency), they were already very close to the position of our most contemporary science.

      The image of the transfiguration of Christ, the 4 beasts of the Apocalypse all symbolize bird symbolism, they are layered and tucked in every angle. The 4 beasts are also the fixed signs of the Zodiac, which are. Everything is pointing to the Cosmic Bird.You see the symbol of the bird everywhere because it is the Symbol of the Universal Consciousness / The ONE, that is why you see it every where, in the evil, in the Good, in the Gods ( look at the Sumerian And Akkadian and Babylonian artifacts, everything is bird symbolism down to the cuneiform. ) Lucifer, Baphomet, secret societies, ancient Mayans, it is the entertainment industries bread and butter, paintings and architecture in Islam, in Renaissance paintings, the crusades ( both sides ) . if you understand the Zodiacs as manifestation of the One through God’s who have their own Symbols, everything becomes clear and fits like a puzzle, every way you turn makes sense, no confusion. A star symbol is a Bird, 6 pointer star – standing with its chest out, the middle area in a hexagram is wider, it is the Chest area. That is why it is considered powerful and a Bold Symbolism. A five pointed star facing down, a bird zooming downwards & vice versa.  A 3 pointer star is a calmly sitting bird in the Pyramid the #GuardianOwl is symbolically locked in the pyramids of Giza, Why ? I will discuss it in my upcoming chapters.

This is an image of the symbolic #GuardianOwl locked in the Pyramids of Giza

      Every single thing is made out of bird formation, even the cuneiform, Cape Canaveral and Kennedy space center are all filled with bird symbolism, go figure ??? And all the ancient civilizations, every single one of them have symbolized it on everything build, it was the only way as far as they are concerned. secret societies symbolized it, Lucifer, the Devil, swastika ( which is a rolling bird symbolism, an aggressive symbol which is why it doesn’t show up in historical archives that much. Now you know why they had to take out Hitler, Stalin killed far greater if not the same number of people, but he was around. The sickle is much less threatening to the star of David compared with the Swastika, speaking in energy terms ) all bird symbolism. Nature is full of it, your body full of it, look at your birthmark and figure out bird formation, look at your palm, clasp it together, even your thumb,connect every line symmetrically, and you will see head and tails of the birds, the stripes along your fingers are tiny birds flying in different direction, that is why you could freely move your fingers, but not your palm, but you could wave it, because they are bigger birds and their wings are stretched. The head of the bird in your hand is the thumb that is why it can move freely

      I hope you understand the symbolism.it is inspiration from the ONE Universal creator. I am an Informer, and this information is heavy and deep, and you can’t unsee it, once you have seen it, you can’t continue like everything is okay, this is different and you know it. It is the ULTIMATE TRUTH. Not the book, a human wrote it, no what I said, I might be wrong, but the Cosmic BIRD that is everywhere all around you. There is no red pill or blue pill, it is all marketing gimmicks by the priests to suck your soul. There is One kind and it is not a pill, it is signature of the One on everything, the blue and the red. Nothing can exist without its signature. All ancient mystery schools were the study of bird symbolism around them and keeping what they have been given by the God’s in secret. That is how it all started.

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      A Snake is the Obviously the symbolic opposition of the bird. In the energy realm, it would be the reptiles energy that will be the opposition to the bird energy. when witches and wizards did dark magic, it is invoking the reptilian energy which will be very difficult for a human mammal who is the evolution of a bird. that is why we react unnaturally to snake symbolism and we are scared of snakes by our very nature.And if you watch reptiles in the environment, they are always hiding or creeping at night. always hugging the land. it seems like they are 2nd grade citizens in nature, they use to be first class citizens, but their time came to an end. take a crocodile and a hippo, the hippo seems much more comfortable. the crocodiles behave like thieves, creeping out, checking the environment with their peeking eyes. of course, there is the diet issue, since they are carnivore, they can’t be playful and all over the place, I agree. they will scare of their meal. but if you see the diet across animals, you will see reptiles than any other animal who are left at the bottom of the food chain. that is why they will eat anything. their intestines have evolved to digest rotten meat and anything for that matter.Cats and specially big cats have many bird symbolism around their body than any other mammal. that is why, Egyptians took them as Gods.

      Just like the whole Universe is a manifestation of the One. A planet or a constellation of stars is the manifestation of the ruler God, so everything you do and say, just like a nation would have been a manifestation of the ruler King.

      We are sitting on the shoulder of Giants, literary. They are carrying us forward, Giant Owls, Giant birds, giant turtles, the size of continents. And of course our ancestors who were Giants in their own right, we are shrinking into insignificance,

      The veil is being lifted off, the time is getting closer for the change of the ages. And if you take Aquarius symbolically, it is water pouring out of a pot, definitely outpouring of something, and when you analyze the present collective conscious, it becomes clear that a veil is being lifted for everyone of us. Only people at the higher echelon of secret societies know about this, no wonder they have degrees and separate the enlightened ones from the savant.

      I think, I have given you enough proof that everything in this World is made out of this magnificent Cosmic birds. and the Sumerians have painted and sculpted, & written and kept it hidden for us for millennia in tell mounds. They are the stories of Our Creation, How we came to be ?

I Am Eternally Grateful to the Universal Consciousness for guiding me every Step of The Way.

Move the slider to unveil the Bird Symbolism

to be continued …

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