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The Last Book | Volume 1 | 6/72 Symmetrical Astrology

6/72 Symmetrical Astrology is a revolutionary interpretation of Astrology which gives precise and accurate interpretation of your natal chart. it is based on the numbers 6 and 72.

In 6/72 Astrology, we transit the 12 houses for 6 years each from the day we come into this world till the day comes that we have to leave it.

It pairs each 2 houses based on the 6 Stars manifested by the ascendants.

It also assigns 6 colors to each pair based on the visible colors of the spectrum of light.

you could get the book on the kindle store by clicking here.

The Enochian Language

The Last Book | Volume 2 | The Enochian Language

The Enochian Language is a book that argues Geez/Tigrigna is the first language of humans.

It demonstrates this by translating words and phrases of almost all archaic languages (Hebrew, Greek, Sanskrit, Akkadian, Sumerian ) and also modern and dead languages like English and Laitn. The translations give you a contextual and symbolic meaning which makes more sense and is closer to the etymology of the words and phrases.

You could also use Geez/Tigrigna to translate your full name which will tell you about your destiny or your dominant personality.

you could get the book on the kindle store by clicking here.

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