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I have launched a unique collection of astrology and energy readings based on 6/72 Symmetrical Astrology.

Natal Chart Reading – $60 for a 1 hour voice/video call reading.

On your personal natal chart reading, we’ll explore the key themes and events of your past and future. We’ll also look at your specific challenges, opportunities and strengths, ideal career direction and potential future partner.

The meaning of your name + a complete natal chart reading which includes video meetings – $120

Along with a natal chart reading, this also offers a comprehensive report designed to help you understand yourself, your personality and you life direction – including the meaning of your name, the colour of your energy and the key dates in your future.

Monthly Astro Forecasts – A complete natal chart reading + Video meetings + Monthly tailored natal chart updates – 180 $/year.

This service gives you a personal natal chart reading, plus bespoke transit reports at the start of each month highlighting new opportunities and challenges to watch out for, helping you make the most of your year.

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