The Guardian Owl and the Family

My name is Abdurahman Seid (Abdu). I am an Abyssinian Independent researcher on Ancient history. This is a prelude to my upcoming Book. #TheLastBook

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The Vision 20/20 Guide (E-Book)

A Discovery of the Ages | Learn how to locate and understand the Geological animal formations all over the World | There are thousands of them | This is a cure for the Lock down. All you need is Google Earth to enjoy the virtual adventure | Check the image on the left. It is a Native American with his unique nose swimming in the Atlantic. Get the E-Book to know more.


  I found out about the geological formations while doing research on Ancient Sumerian, Kassite and Akkadian history. I was sitting on my bed and I looked at the Map that was on the Wall ( after an inspiration ) and I saw the lower jaw of the Lion of the South in Australia. That is how this whole thing started …

    I stand firm in my assertion that all the ancients and Antediluvian civilizations followed this natural energy in everything they do. But more about that in the second part of this book.

The ancients not only knew about this formation, but their Shamans and Elders guided their communities from memory on where to build, where not to build, where to spill blood and where not to.

   If you believe this images are real natural animal formations based on the Universal Sacred Geometry and they represent the Geographical location of the physical animal, then the second half of this book will definitely fascinate you even more.  

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