A-tra-hasis – A simple Inquiry (last update, Geez/Tigrigna translation)

Tablet I – Column I – Line 1 – 49 (1) As for them, who spend their day, (2) saying he is not here, those who say, he corrupted people, (3) the people were corrupted by the priests, (4) they wanted to conceal the warnings, filthy offerings tormented (5) a quarter of them. The Annuna-ku, […]

A-tra-hasis | Tablet 1 – Part 2 |

what is fascinating is, I am not a specialist on languages, but I am confident anyone who speaks Tigrigna could have a look at any Sumerian tablet and make out most of the words. it is that obvious and simple. I encourage any Tigrigna speaker to have a look at the Sumerian tablets translations by Wilfred G. Lambert and Alan R. Millard on their ground breaking book, “The Babylonian story of the flood”