The Story of 6/72 Symmetrical Astrology

 At this stage, I didn’t know that the 6 fundamental stars formed a symmetry with the music intervals or that the Numerology of 6/72 fitted perfectly into The Platonic Year/The Great Year. As I continued with my research I found out that the 6 major intervals in western music (Tritone, The Circle of  Fifth, the Whole Tone, The Minor Third, The Major Third, and The Chromatic) formed the same stars as the 6 unique stars in 6/72 Symmetrical Astrology. And to my surprise there was a relationship between the music Scales and the energy movement of the 6 Cardinal stars of 6/72 Symmetrical Astrology.


My name is Abdu, I am a Tigraian independent researcher on ancient history, symbolism and languages. I speak Tigrigna, Amharic, Arabic, English, Geez (very similar to Tigrigna) and working on my Hebrew. After analyzing for almost a month non-stop for 8 hours daily, I have come to the conclusion that the Sumerian language is the same as Geez/Tigrigna.


This are words used daily by Tigraians and (the accent of the Sumerians is the same as that of South and Central Tigrai) Eritreans, words which are found only in the Tigrigna language like Ashabo’u (meaning, how quickly), Tsenatoum (meaning, their steadfastness), Izu-zu (meaning, he ordered), Mea’Tsea (meaning, he came), “Ansa’r” which mean against/opposite, mainstream historians have told us for have a century that it translates to Mars. you could see where I am going with this. The letter “Tse” ጸ which is exclusively used by the Sumerians and Tigrigna and much more similarities in words, culture, religion, traditional clothings, hair style between the Sumerians, Akkadians and the people inhabiting northern and central Ethiopia and Eritrea.