The Minor Third and its relation to Cancer and Capricorn Ascendants

The minor third is commonly used to express sadness in music, and research shows that this mirrors its use in speech, as a tone similar to a minor third is produced during sad speech.  The minor third is used to express sadness in music.   Taurus, Cancer & Capricorn leave long lives based on the shell […]

Why did Betty White die ? Astrological analysis

She was transiting her 7th house of Libra at 27 degrees at age 41 and 6 month. Her natal Mars is at 20 degrees of Libra which could explain ludden being the love of her life. Her transit was also opposite her midheaven at 18 degrees of Aries, it tells us the marriage was the highlight of her life. But with Lilith transiting at 12 degrees of Libra and Neptune retrograde at 19 degrees of Libra, the marriage didn’t have a happy ending. Allen Ludden died from stomach Cancer on June 9, 1981. (Watch out for Lilith aspect before you decide on your special day)