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What will happen to Vladimir Putin from age 70 to 72 ?

Name – President Vladimir Putin

Position – President of Russia

Ascendant – Libra ( 10 degrees )

Descendant – Aries ( 10 degrees )

Midheaven – Cancer ( 28 degrees )

Sun – Virgo ( 24 degrees )

Moon – Taurus ( 9 degrees )

Mercury – Virgo ( 29 degrees )

Venus – Libra ( 18 degrees )

Mars – Scorpio ( 3 degrees )

Jupiter – Aries ( 26 degrees retrograde )

Saturn – Virgo ( 24 degrees )

Uranus – Gemini ( 25 degrees )

Neptune – Virgo ( 27 degrees )

Pluto – Cancer ( 28 degrees )

Rahu – Capricorn ( 26 degrees )

Ketu – Cancer ( 26 degrees )

Chiron – Scorpio ( 13 degrees )

Lilith – Cancer ( 29 degrees )

Vertex – Taurus ( 15 degrees )

As a Libra Ascendant, the energy moves at 180 degrees

Putin’s natal chart, He is transiting Pisces at 18 degrees at age 69 and 5 month. He is transiting Pisces, the house of ending opposite his natal Sun at 20 degrees, his natal Saturn at 24 degrees, his natal Neptune at 27 degrees and his natal Mercury at 29 degrees. This tells us When as he aspects the Sun, he will be shining and his name will be mentioned all over the world. But in a few months, his transit will aspect his natal Saturn at 24 degrees which will be a troubling and testing time for him. Once he turns 70 years old and 5 months, he will be opposite his natal Neptune at 27 degrees, I expect his mind getting foggy due to abuse of medication or other drugs. the foggyness of the mind could also be a result of isolation by his inner circle and the impact of the War with Ukraine. his transit was also squaring Mars in Sagittarius the day he decided to invade Ukraine which transited into Capricorn a couple of days ago. To Summarize, Something impactful related to his mental state will happen to him before the the age of 72. He might also be poisoned or removed by his inner Circle before the age of 70.

Putin natal chart aspects

In 1975, Vladimir Putin joined the KGB’s foreign Intelligence service after graduating from the Law department of the Leningrad state University. He was transiting Cancer at 27 or 28 degrees at age 27 and half or more making an exact conjunction with his natal Pluto, Lilith, Ketu and his midheaven. The profession he choose explains the Pluto secretive and Obssessive energy. The energy of Lilith tells us his life will end with something related to his profession. The exacg Conjunction with his midheaven tells us that his life will forever be associated with the profession he choose. In hindsight, we could see that the profession he choose will lead him to be the leader of one of the powerful nations in the world.

This post will be updated as I will interpret President Valdimir Putins natal chart on a bi-weekly basis.


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