is a Universal Language

Unveiling Bird Symbolism (3D) – The Phoenix of Assyria

Symbolism is a Universal language and it has three states.

  1. Snake Symbolism – lower world.
  2. Bird Symbolism – our world.
  3. Dragon Symbolism – higher worlds.

I will talk about in great detail on the 4th book of the series (The Last Book – volume four – Bird Symbolism) . but I am excited to share the one thing that started it all for me. The bird that whispered in my ear after i first saw it. It inspired me to go on an adventure of a life time by going deep into myself and reflecting. it inspired me to write, the last book series. It all started after i saw the bird 🐦 . I hope it will inspire you as it not only inspired me, but changed my life.

Today is the day I will unveil the archaic phoenix that summoned the Dragons for war. It is beautiful, magnificent and follows all the sacred geometry principles to precision. It is Symmetrical and 3 dimensional as you can see in the outlined and the colored images. Its stretching it’s wings as it shoots upwards in Figure 4 and 6 and as it lands its feet on the hand of a God on Figure 5 and 7. The outline of the curved tips of the wings could be seen on the original image (Fig 3). the eyes are in the right place enclosed within the hand. You could even see the markers the archaic artists left for us to help us figure the point where the wing span ends and the starting point for the feet. (Figure 1 and 2).

I am not an artist or a painter, and i am also not good at it. I didn’t overlay the image of the bird on the sumerian artifact. I outlined and highlighted the visible lines, every stroke and line i drew exists within the archaic image. The onus is on me to reveal it to you. After researching for almost 2 years and outlining for the past 3 month for an average of six hours a day, i have discovered there are layers of images hidden within the images, it all depends on which lines you choose to connect. You could check the next blog to follow the story of the Dragons wars of Assyria. I will be bringing back to life a story hidden from humanity for thousands of year’s.

Figure 2 – marker for the beginning of the feet
Figure 1 – marker for the end of the wing span

I called it the archaic phoenix as it is the one that begins the war. One of the proofs is the glowing light in the top left corner which completely fits in and takes the position as the heart of the bird. The creators of this magnificent artwork even left us markers to let us know were the span of the wings ends, were the feets ends and much more. if you look at the beak of the bird, it is whispering and giving energy to the King, you could see a black circle below his ear if you zoom in.

Figure 3 – marker for the tip of the wing

The artistic precision and mastery will leave you speechless. I hope it will change your view of mythology, art and history. how did they do it and how was it done ?, How could they layer images with absolute precision over and over again without giving anything away ? I am hopeful this breakthrough in the field of archeology will bring the gate keepers to revise their position on the level of advancement of our Archaic ancestors.

The three states of Symbolism

Snake symbolism
Bird Symbolism
Dragon symbolism

Abdurahman Seid

Figure 4 – outlined image of the archaic phoenix taking off

Figure 5 – outlined image of the archaic phoenix landing

Figure 6 – colored image of the archaic phoenix taking off
Figure 7 – colored image of the archaic phoenix landing

The three states of Symbolism, A snake 🐍, A bird 🐦 and a Dragon 🐲

The bird is on the top left, the snake is on the top right and the dragon is below with it’s mouth open breathing fire.

Image comparison – colored images of the archaic Phoenix taking off and landing. Move the slider t from left to right to reveal both images.

Image comparison outlined image of the archaic Phoenix taking off and landing. Move the slider from left to right to reveal both images.

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