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How did they miss it ??? Sumerian is Geez/Tigrigna

My name is Abdu, I am a Tigraian independent researcher on ancient history, symbolism and languages. I speak Tigrigna, Amharic, Arabic, English, Geez (very similar to Tigrigna) and working on my Hebrew. After analyzing for almost a month non-stop for 8 hours daily, I have come to the conclusion that the Sumerian language is the same as Geez/Tigrigna.

what is fascinating is, I am not a specialist on languages, but I am confident anyone who speaks Tigrigna could have a look at any Sumerian tablet and make out most of the words. it is that obvious and simple. I encourage any Tigrigna speaker to have a look at the Sumerian tablets translations by Wilfred G. Lambert and Alan R. Millard on their ground breaking book, “The Babylonian story of the flood” and I am 90% sure that they will at least understand most of the words, if not make out the whole sentences. This are words used daily by Tigraians and (the accent of the Sumerians is the same as that of South and Central Tigrai) Eritreans, words which are found only in the Tigrigna language like Ashabo’u (meaning, how quickly), Tsenatoum (meaning, their steadfastness), Izu-zu (meaning, he ordered), Mea’Tsea (meaning, he came), “Ansa’r” which mean against/opposite, mainstream historians have told us for have a century that it translates to Mars. you could see where I am going with this. The letter “Tse” ጸ which is exclusively used by the Sumerians and Tigrigna and much more similarities in words, culture, religion, traditional clothings, hair style between the Sumerians, Akkadians and the people inhabiting northern and central Ethiopia and Eritrea.

There is a lot I have to say about why this was not known till now, but that is for the next blog. First I need mainstream linguistics to have a look at it. I have also translated almost all the popular historical places, mythological entities/personalities and religious words from every major language across the globe. you won’t believe what I found, it is magical. I will be sharing it on twitter, hope you follow me.

it is a preview to my upcoming book, “The Enochian language”, Yes, I have discovered it. I will release it at the appointed time.

Regarding the A-tra-hasis, ( meaning, A simple inquiry/investigation), Enuma-elis (means, of him, I will say), I will be posting daily 40 lines. This is to call attention to the ongoing war in Tigrai in the hope that cooler heads will prevail. I am not political, I am with those who are suffering. the ethnicity and “color” doesn’t concern me.

who knows, I could be wrong, I doubt it though.

  • (……) means some words are missing are on the tablets.
  • (xxx) means some words are not clear on the tablets.
  • for Tigrigna speakers, I will be releasing Tigrigna translation in a few days.

Let us begin with our, Ge’ez be Elph-bet – (journey through the house of thousands)

Ge’ez be Elph bet

A-tra-hasis – A simple Inquiry

1 – As for them, who said loudly,

2 – they say, he went astray, those who say, people are tormented,

3 – To torment the people, If God

4 – wanted, for a second time, he would have warned them, and then torment

5 – a quarter of them. The Annunaku, seven of them

6 – they wanted at that time to assist the Igigi 

7 – Anu at that time refused, he was against it,

8 – he sent then a replacement for Enlil,

9 – he traveled then to Ninurta,

10 – he cuts off then the Ennugi,

11 – ravens also he brought, the ravens

12 – when he raised his hand, what ordered by

13 – Anu, quickly they bring it then,

14 – xxxxxxxxxx and those who drowned in the well, he shut them off,

15 – Those who said, we have long hairs in that year,

16 – they were hunted down by Enki and he plucked their hair out,

17 – Anu got drunk, the one who said that came at that moment,

18 – Enki, at that moment slaughtered him.

19 – ……………………..the Listener

20 – ……….he said, the Igigi

21 – …………I won’t select them

A simple Inquiry

22 – ………even if my friends die,

23 – …………I won’t select them,

24 – ………… even if my friends die,

25 – ………and when he saw the hands of the guards,

26 – …………… He sealed it.

27 – ……….We are the shelterers’s

28 – ………..what happened to them

29 – ……… that year

30 – ………….and the one who died.

31 – ….. Relatives at that time,

32 –  …..their sweats at that time.

33 – …..and , it became white,

34 – the steadfastness desired at that time, then the people spoiled it.

35 – …the offerings became four fold.

36 – the steadfastness desired at that time, then the people spoiled it.

37 – …xxx…..40 steadfast people neglecting, when he saw

38 – ……… be taught, those who said, he came to make things equal,

39 – and the debt of your father’s father, what he can, he deducted.

40 – And it was decided, for him to be sent,

41 – ….xxx….to Guzzala to be forgiven,

42 – from them, some wanted for him to be hanged then,

This is taken from Wilfred G. Lambert and Alan R. Millard ground breaking book, “The Babylonian story of the flood”.

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