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Transformation 101 – Numerology (8)

Fear is the only Darkness – Amor Fati (Love of Fate) – Memento Mori (You will die)

The First thing is to understand and internalize this concepts. you have to know that you have no control of what will manifest in the future.

The routine is to leave your bed as soon as you wake up and take a cold shower, then meditate for (15m, 30m, 45m, or 1h) and confront your past, confront your fears, or be still and stare at the tip of your nose with your eyes closed (3rd eye).

you will have to take long walks and contemplate, and also diassociate with the negative people in your life (easier said than done), talk less, read more books (not blog posts), get off social media, don’t advertise your transformation, keep it a secret. you will have to ask yourself many questions, not grand questions like why I am here ? or what is the point of life ? you will understand that once you transform. think about your past, your pain, your joys, your shenanigans of the past, the people you mistreated, the people that mistreated you, (like you parents, siblings, friends and partners, if you have resentment or beef with them. you need to forgive them and move on. you have to let go of the past). you have to think about your passion in life and ask yourself different kinds of personal and difficult questions.

During this journey, you will cry, weep, feel scared, feel lonely, you might also feel like you are going crazy (which is a sign you are on the right path). This is when you remind yourself about your slogans, you will have to tell yourself, Amor Fati, believe in yourself and move on. Fear is the only Darkness and that eventually you are going to die.

Once you cross the rubicon, the peak mountains of, what will people say ? and What will happen to me ? and What am i doing ?. once you get past those triggers and fears from your “past self” which has just find out that you are transforming and throwing everyrthing at you to get you back to the old you. Don’t let the old you win, It just hates change, it doesn’t want to leave the comfort it was in for the past 2 decades. And by the way, treat it like a 4 year old, you could trick it, and once you train it about your new rotuines, it will forget the past and accept the new you. but at some point it will throw temper tantrums like a 3 year old to get your attention, don’t fall for it, MOVE ON.

Transformation is not easy, but the formula is the same. It is repitition and eventually you will transform, the formula is Gradualism. the deepest secret is to be indifferent about it, don’t think about transformation. You will have to accept whatever is being thrown at you by the old you, the people around you, and the environment. your job is to understand why is this happening and learn from it. Once you are past that, continue with your journey, be patient, focus on your routines, and accept the new you as your life style.

Did you get that ? you have already transformed the moment you decide to change…
But there is more to it, through repitition ( which could get boring, you have to stick with it) and gradually, you will start to see and understand things that is meant specifically for you, that is the sweet spot. The thing you were born to do, you will find the mission of your life and your life will never be the same after that.

That is the gift of your transformation.


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