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Why Ge’ez/Tigrinya is the first spoken language – Sumerian edition

Why I said Ge’ez/Tigrinya is the language of our collective consciousness. It all goes back to the Absu/Abzu or Abzehu (አብዝሑ) meaning ‘get more’, in their case, get more gold. When the Annuna first arrived they landed in South Eastern Africa. They moved to the middle East later to get the oil for energy and for use in their rituals. They even called the Sumerians the black headed people which I believe is a reference to the people of present day Afar. This is also supported as the Sumerians calling themselves the black headed people. The black headed people were the first workers in the gold mines and that was the first language in the Absu, Abzu (Abzehu). Thiis happened between 10 to 15 thousands years ago or even more. Let me tell you how our human history unfolded in a story form.

The son’s of Anu, Enlil (En leal – እን ልዕል – he is higher) and Enki/EA (ኢየ\ዪያ – I am/It is) were half brother’s. Enlil’s mother was the legitimate wife of Anu while Enki’s mother wasn’t. Anu gave most of the power to Enlil as he was the legitimate son while Enki though the elder one was the subordinate of Enlil which created strife, contention and even wars between the progenies of the family, that of Marduk and Ninurta is a good example. This contention of an illigitimate child still creates problem among us to this day, just like the old days. I guess there is nothing new under the sun.

Ninhursag/Demkina/Damgaluna/Mumu – ደምኪና/ደምጐሉና – We are your blood/The blood of our daughters. It is were we get the name ‘Mama’ in almost every culture as Damkina is the one who gave her eggs/blood for humanity to be created.

Enlil is the one who first came to Eath and landed somewhere in South eastern Africa. After complaints arose among the Annuna workers and their helpers, the Igigi about the hardship of work and the amount of Gold that was mined in the Abzu was less than the amount needed. Enlil was sent to earth to govern to make things right, and as a royal heavenly prince, he wasn’t going to live in the Abzu (The Sumerians called the Abzu the underworld because it was in fact underneath the earth. It is what we call mines in our present time. It is not an underworld hell were damned souls go to get torchered, there is no such thing, stop believing in fairy tales) So Enlil’s chosen place by Enki was the marshlands of the persian gulf were modern day Kuwait, Iraq, Iran are located. This place was chosen because of the overflowing of bitumen and tar into the open land which they used for energy. It was also the place were the tigris and euphrates were located making it a perfect place for habitation. Enki build an outpost in Eridu (Aridu – ዐሪዱ – to build an outpost) to receive the royal prince. Once Enlil arrived with his entourage of Annuna’s, Enki had to send him, some of the Annuna’s to help the royal prince. While the revolt by the working Annuna’s because of the hardship didn’t stop even after Enlil arrived. Enlil who had a temper wanted to punish them, but the smart and skilled Enki had other plans. He told Enlil that he has been seeing this ape like creature watching him as he strolled the Nile. He suggested upgrading them to have some type of cognition that they are able to take orders so that they could be used as labour for the Gold mines. Enlil refused vehemently, and even warned Enki about breaking the rules of the natural law. basically, what he was saying was that we can’t let this ape like creatures leap forth the circle of life and make them equal to us by mixing our blood with them. As upgrading pre neanderthal ape like animal’s required that we must have the blood of the Annuna’s. Enki with his suggestion rejected went back to the Abzu and planned to experiment secretly with his plan confinning with Ninhursag his wife (Demkina or Damgaluna or Mumu – ደምኪና/ደምጐልና – We are your blood/The blood of our daughters. It is were we get the name Mama in almost every culture as Damkina is the one who gave her eggs for humanity to be created). At first, it didn’t work and different types of mythical creature were born, some died and some lived. (When our ancient ancestors talk about half man half animal giant creatures, they weren’t lying) But finally it worked, Adammu (እደሙ – ‘his blood’ basically telling us that his blood was the perfect one) was created, he could undertsand and he had no physical or mental ailment. using Adammu’s blood his wife was created. Once they had the Archtype human of a man and a woman, It was a matter of repitition after that. With Ninhursag as the mid wife this was accomplished. Enki brought his creations to Enlil to show him his masterwork. Enlil furious at first, but once seeing Addamu and his wife, he warned Enlil of the future consequences, but accepted the newly created human couple. As the first cognitive humans, Enki took well care of addamu and his wife. He suggested Enki keep them with him in Eridu or somewhere in dilmun, an Island off the coast of persian Gulf, believed to be modern day, Bahrain. As far as Addamu and his wife Eva was concerned, it was heaven. As the first humans, they were treated as royals living the luxurious life within the compounds of Enlil. As time passed, Enlil was irritated by the noise of the humans, their debauchery which have now grown in number. He finally had enough and they were kicked out. That is the story of Adam and Eve being kicked out of a cloud nine heaven story by God.

 What i am trying to show and argue is that Ge’ez/Tigrinya is the first spoken language of humankind given by the God(s) the ‘Annuna’ and it is imprinted in our collective consciousness. And when Man/Woman dispersed from South Eastern Africa then into different corners of the globe this archaic language was still imprinted in their collective memory.

To get back to my case for Ge’ez/Tigrigna, It was the humans from Abzu that were sent to Sumeria to help the Annuna’s there. The Sumerians named themselves the black headed people (Tselmat Keyadi) as they were the people who inherited the knowledge and language of the people of the Abzu or the black headed people. That is why they called themselves that to indicate their inheritance of the culture. This could be proven in the Sumerian King’s list, the reigns vary between 43,200 and 28,800 years for a total of 241,200 years. then the flood happens which affected all the people’s of thise times. Then Earth repopulated again through Utnapishtim (Noah) and his entourage of humans and animals with the rest of the surviving people around the world. The question that must be asked, How could the sumerian’s culture fluorish for over half a million year’s ? The answer is simple, They weren’t talking about their culture, they were talking about how humanity came to be and how the culture was before the flood. And the few knowledge that trickled to the sumerians from the antediluvian people was passed on to us like the base 60 counting, writing, pottery, the plough and farming, domestication of animals, and much more.

And regaridng the Abrahamic faith’s, it is the easiest thing to disprove. read the egyptians book of the dead and you will know were the ten commandments came from. read the flood story of Utnapishtim and you will know were the story of Noah came, read the story of Adapa and see the similarities with the story of Adam and Eve, read the story of Mithra and you will know were the story of the Messiah came and so on and so on. It all happened, the bible, the Torah, the Quran are not lies, but they left out the important pieces, chnaged the stories and the names of the characters and places to fit a semitic narrative. It was a copied version of antediluvian stories. The Sumerians and the Akkadians wrote everytinhg in clay tablets cause they knew it would last for thousand of years, even if it burned, infact in some cases the burning was helpful, it made the clay tablets even more rigid. It is a valuable trick they learned from the black headed people. The semitic people stole the culture of the first humans and made it their own. And to hide this, the ancient semites tried to destroy, bury and burn all the evidences. That is the grandmother of all conspiract theories, which affects humans to this day.

The Sumerians called the Abzu the underworld because it was in fact underneath the earth. It is what we call mines in our present time. It is not an underworld hell were damned souls go to get torchered, there is no such thing, stop believing in fairy tales.

The Good thing about the Abrahamic faith’s is that they kept most of the moreal code of the ancients, and for that we should be thankful. but now has come the time for history to be rewritten.

There will be more updates regarding this topic and a complete translation to Ge’ez/Tigrinya of the ‘The Eridu Genesis’, ‘The Atra Hasis’, ‘The Enuma Elish’, ‘Inana’s descend into the underworld’ and ‘the story of Gilgamesh’ in the coming days and weeks.

Ge’ez/Tigrinya is the language of our collective consciousness


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