Why Ge’ez/Tigrinya is the first spoken language – Sumerian edition

The Sumerians called the Abzu the underworld because it was in fact underneath the earth. It is what we call mines in our present time. It is not an underworld hell were damned souls go to get torchered, there is no such thing, stop believing in fairy tales.


This are words used daily by Tigraians and (the accent of the Sumerians is the same as that of South and Central Tigrai) Eritreans, words which are found only in the Tigrigna language like Ashabo’u (meaning, how quickly), Tsenatoum (meaning, their steadfastness), Izu-zu (meaning, he ordered), Mea’Tsea (meaning, he came), “Ansa’r” which mean against/opposite, mainstream historians have told us for have a century that it translates to Mars. you could see where I am going with this. The letter “Tse” ጸ which is exclusively used by the Sumerians and Tigrigna and much more similarities in words, culture, religion, traditional clothings, hair style between the Sumerians, Akkadians and the people inhabiting northern and central Ethiopia and Eritrea.

A-tra-hasis | Tablet 1 – Part 2 |

what is fascinating is, I am not a specialist on languages, but I am confident anyone who speaks Tigrigna could have a look at any Sumerian tablet and make out most of the words. it is that obvious and simple. I encourage any Tigrigna speaker to have a look at the Sumerian tablets translations by Wilfred G. Lambert and Alan R. Millard on their ground breaking book, “The Babylonian story of the flood”