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Ge’ez/Tigrinya translation of Atrahasis – Tablet 1 – Part 7

atrahasis tigrinya

One thing you have to ask yourself is how does Ge’ez/Tigrinya translation give an accurate historical and contextual etymology which makes much more sense than the manistream translations. I will leave you to your own judgement.

Atra Ahasis – it is time to investigate – እተራ አሐሲስ

Atra hesus – It is the time for the inferiors – እተራ ሕጹጽ

Atra hase – It is time to make things right – እተራ ሀሴ

Ahasis – አሐሲስ – inquire, demand, scrutnize, investigate.

Hesa/Hayasa – ሔሰ\ሐየሰ – be better, be suitable, make things better.

Atra/Etera -እተራ – the turn of something. a time for something.

Hesus – ሕጹጽ – less, minor, insufficient, inferior, diminished.

Atrahasis – Tablet 1 – column 2 – line 242 – 260 then 273 – 282  (Note – some of the tablets were damaged)

242 – He got drunk and started cursing the Annuna out loud,

243 – The birds flying high, let them have your heads for dinner,

244 – when they heard, it was against them, they despaired,

245 – Those who saw how they tormented the people at that time,

246 – The Annuna at that time, Mami started laughing,

247 – except Annu, there is no one else,

248 – that i kiss,

249 – what about the God that kissed you in your temple,

250 – Enki laughed gazing at Mama,

251 – then she locked them at the sea,

252 – those who kissed her temple in the steep place will be forgiven,

253 – At that time the stretch of line of men,

254 – kissed at that time, Enki forgave their sins at that time,

255 – Those who were drunk, they couldn’t complete it, then the fight broke,

256 – he slashed 14 wicked heads,

257 – 7 there were slashed died instantly,

258 – 7 that were slashed, they could be heard shrieking,

259 – the inhabitants of the land at that time, to the temples.

260 – ……….] XX he is our father XXX

273 – ……] they chanted

274 – …….] she handled it,

275 – ….] she saw the drawings,

276 – ……] at that time, they were brought in to her,

277 – at that time, she imprisoned them by the sea,

278 – she got wed, Nintu

279 – and for Annu her hand,

280 – the announcement was made, the invitations the fragrances was send,

281 – at that time the the invitation and fragrance was sent,

282 – singer at the wedding, painter at that time,

below is the the translation by Wilfred G. Lambert and Alan R. Millard for comparison

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