How to change your habits and behavior by applying the archetype hero’s journey into your thought processes.

Now that you are transformed and wondering into the unknown, the tests and trials are not going to stop. But since you are in a confident mental state having passed the threshold guardians and the crucial midway revelation and transformed yourself. You will most probably pass the tests from the allies and friends who will motivate you with words ( which could have a negative impact, if your ego takes over and takes you to la la land, complimenting you and what not ), the enemies who will try to ruin your good run by downplaying your success.

Personalized Entropy

The law of entropy is all around us which is so fundamental and so unavoidable. Boltzmann called it the living force, Einstein said, “the classical thermodynamics is the only physical theory of universal content which I am convinced will not be overthrown, even E=MC2 could be abandoned one of this days. …