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    The law of entropy is all around us which is so fundamental and so unavoidable. Boltzmann called it the living force, Einstein said, “the classical thermodynamics is the only physical theory of universal content which I am convinced will not be overthrown, even E=MC2 could be abandoned one of this days. Arthur Eddington said, if your theory is found to be against the second law of thermodynamics, I can give you no hope, there is nothing for it but to collapse in deepest humiliation. Everything goes from structured to unstructured, the probability of it going from unstructured to structured is very low. The journey of any living matter or non living matter for that matter is to extend that structured matters integrity till it breaks down, in some cases, it could give up and break down, but it could be fixed, and the last remaining structured energy could be zapped from that matter, and it will exist for a few moments before it finally disintegrates into subatomic particles, back into chaos. At the end of the day, the winner is not Man or Nature, but Entropy.


    How to understand and control your personal entropy, if there is such a thing? it is the energy that manifests around you whether you want it or not. That is what I am going to talk about today. First thing to know is, Entropy doesn’t discriminate based on your physical appearance or religious affiliation, obviously. But it does discriminate to your state of mind, the calmer you are, the more highly ordered entropy, the more you are living in the present and being attentive, the more structured the entropy. If you are anxious and excited, entropy increase and the possibility for disorder rises. But the most important thing to remember is the micro-state and macro-state, when applied to humans, it translates to your inner world (both biological and emotional ) and how they affect your outer world (Macro-state). It doesn’t care where you are from or who you are. The keywords are patience, calmness, attentiveness and living in the present. If you are anxious and nervous, entropy increases, because you create more heat, vasoconstriction, if you are calm, entropy decreases,that is the law. And in a state of anxiousness, entropy increases and there is a danger of creating an unwanted reality for yourself which could be a disastrous cycle, if not identified and we don’t make the necessary changes in our state of mind needed to take it back to its previous state.


    Entropy has a huge impact on our daily lives. In a state of calmness, complexity arises, but it takes time, but if you hold on to that structured state of awareness for long, it will transform into something complex, if not, it will start the process of disorder according to the laws. I believe understanding the law of entropy could help someone in his/her lives and how it affects them.


    This could be translated into real events in our daily lives. If you wanted to be a writer and you started staying in one place and reading books and writing, and doing it daily. The Universe dictates, specifically, the law of entropy dictates that there is a potential here for a complex reality to arise, it’s probability increases the more you hold your ground and focus on what you are doing. And at some point, it reaches a complexity, maybe you have finished a full chapter and now you have an idea and a full story of chapter 2 in your head. That is the evolution of structured idea evolving into complex idea, and now it faces the same dilemma the idea before it faced. It has to keep giving time and energy to this complex idea it had nurtured from the beginning, or it will fall victim to entropy and disintegrate and hide in the unconscious mind with the rest of your discarded thoughts, which is the natural resting place for all thoughts that didn’t make it.

    Entropy is on no one’s side. It just favors the people who concentrate on a specific task and put up the energy needed to reach the threshold demanded by entropy, once there, they will understand they have brought it to a complex state and they will relax and take time off, because they know now, it will stay in this state for a few days or weeks undisturbed in perfect structured state. It’s a new complex state, and entropy as if giving it time to understand its nature and surroundings gives it that window. Once the Aura around the new complex state is gone, the disorder process starts. The writer could have finished, Chapter 1 and is starting on Chapter 2, A 100 meter runner could have clocked a new time, getting him closer to his goal, beating the OR. This could be considered as the next complex state of that individual’s reality. The lesson is our reality is a constant state of Entropy waiting for our response, if we half ass it, it will start the process of disorder without prior notification, we convince ourselves that we are giving the needed amount of energy, but deep down, we know, we have given up and we are just there hoping for some kind of miracle. Miracles do happen in the process of entropy, but not for everyone and not every time, and if does happen, it is not with prior notification, so you couldn’t plan your response.

    So once you have supported your idea or thought to reach into the next complex reality. You might feel that you have reached the threshold and from that point on, it will just flow by itself and you start to relax. That is a rookie mistake and the process of entropy is blind to your trials and tribulations and it doesn’t work on your timeline, it has its own indeterministic timeline. The smart one will keep pushing to make it to the next complex state which will take a longer time this time around, and they know that too. This time, it could be to finish half the book and have an idea about the ending. But you have to insist and keep focusing even more to reach that level, so keep doing what you were doing. If you love what you are doing, working with the law of Entropy becomes bearable, though not easy.

    The environment is a dangerous place, it could make or break your good run, so be cautious of going into environments that doesn’t help your state of mind, the environments that get you off track, we all know them. Try to shut yourself up from external environments as much as you can, unless it is necessary for the project. The secret is to follow the same routine you followed the first time around, and this time you should do it with more vigor and passion and not to think about the next complex reality that will arise, just be patient and let it be and it will manifest itself. After all, it is an indeterministic world! Everything could be taken from you, just like that without any explanation or prior notification and there is nothing you can do about it.

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#Life #Entropy #Motivation


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