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How to change your habits and behavior by applying the archetype hero’s journey into your thought processes.

    Everything is push and pull of energy until it reaches a threshold energy. A threshold energy cycle ends in a moment of micro bliss, you could say, it’s the positive aspect. The negative aspect is not completing a full threshold energy cycle, not having enough activation energy to ignite a chemical reaction. The threshold energy is a future outcome or a potential energy till it gets activated. Anyone’s goal should be to manifest this threshold energy again and again and master the technique. Activation energy is the minimum amount of energy that must be introduced for a chemical reaction to occur.

    The threshold energy is an internal energy that has the potential to transform, if it gets supplied by an activation energy, supplying that energy is the individual’s responsibility. Activation energy levels depends on your will and determination to reach a threshold energy. In turn, your will and determination depends on the catalysts you are willing to introduce to help you get to the threshold. A catalyst is a chemical that speeds up chemical reaction ( In our metaphor, it could be a mantra, a physical object, or a stimulant, etc ). Chemical reactions often have a reaction intermediate, which is a middle ground before they make the chemical reaction. They can’t go directly and make a chemical reaction, they have to swing somewhere and then go directly to the target molecule. It is like an in-between step that occurs before you can get to the final point of contact. So, rather than going straight from A to B, you go from A to X to B.

    In our metaphor, the little things we encounter and overcome to reach our goal could be considered as reaction intermediates. If you decide to go it alone, without the help of a catalyst, you have to find a way to control your determination energy levels while at the same time, getting triggered by factors which are thrown at you from the environment. It is going to be difficult controlling the impact of the environment design over your senses. For example, if your goal is to get the managerial post at the job you are applying. You have to go through a lot of intermediate moments before you finally reach the goal. You need to dress up for the interview and look sharp and confident, you need to read about the company profile and get to know more about the position, you have to fill the application form and send it before the deadline, set an alarm for the day of the interview. This could be considered as a micro obstacle you have to overcome without the decrease of your “will” energy. It is a tough balancing act, because your mood is sensitive to this intermediate challenges from the environment and you have no idea how they will affect you and most importantly how will you react to them. Most people overlook this micro obstacles preoccupied with the prize, completing a threshold energy, it is a rookie mistake. This intermediates are what makes or breaks your good run. To show how intermediate circumstances affect your actions and choices, let’s look at the simple interview example, if you don’t research and know everything about the position and prepare yourself for the interview, you could lose the chance to be a manger. If you arrive late for the interview because you didn’t consider the traffic congestion at that particular hour, you could lose your dream of becoming a manger. So my advice is always have a catalyst at your side. A catalyst pushes the activation energy up till it reaches the threshold with a little bit of focus from you, but it is not consumed by the chemical reaction itself. So in our metaphor, a catalyst could be a reminder, mantra, self-motivation or a physical object that pushes you forward even when you are affected by the environment. This could also be the voice that is telling you to keep going when you are about to give up, it could also be a spontaneous catalyst, based on observation. It could push you to a change of strategy after noticing some factors from the environment design that is just there to slow you down, it is important to understand this happens to everyone, not only you, so you need to play mind games with yourself to overcome these factors. A catalyst in our metaphor is any physical action or an object or a thought that pushes your activation energy to reach the threshold.

    “something gotta give” in the eternal drama of unfolding threshold energy. Sacrifices will be made whether big or small, that is the law. Whether you reach the threshold energy or not, you are going to sacrifice your precious time and energy, which is the law. And the second thing to remember is balance, it is all about balance, your threshold energy couldn’t be more than the amount of internal energy + activation energy. In some cases, miracles do happen though, your activation energy could be far greater than what would be considered average, but those are extremely rare cases and even in those rare cases, it is most likely you have what it takes to stabilize the over flow of energy, you just have to dig deeper and control the overflow of excitement which will manifest, because it has an inverse relationship with the overflow of your threshold energy.

    The pull and tug unless you are in an intense meditation is a default state. Someone intentionally taking his time delaying the pull and tug works to that person’s advantage in the next moments that will manifest. The more you delay your reaction, the better the outcome as I have noticed. The field particles are anxious for your quick reaction, because they have knowledge of what your first pick reaction will be, it is their default state. but the delayed response applied stoically makes them more energetic and they react unpredictably which mostly ends up in your favor in the eternal drama of life.

    But delaying your responses is a very tricky business, you should know that before you go ahead and try it. Anxiety and fear will be testing you to the last moment of your decision, you have a friend, and it is called patience, hold on to it. It is the same as the seduction of not scratching or thinking of the itch that you are dying to scratch. A girl you have a crush on gives you her number, you don’t call her as soon as you get home, and don’t let the day dreaming go on more than a couple of minutes. Your job is to forget it and decide to call her after a few days and continue with your life. So now comes the hard part, you have to focus on other things and completely forget about calling her and after the struggle of the first day, you will feel good about yourself. And on the third day, don’t call her as soon as you remember that it‘s time to call her, let the thought simmer and forget it for the second time and do something else and then after playing cat and mouse for a few hours, the magic happens, you will have some kind of sign, “it is time to call her”. That sign could manifest in many forms, you are walking the streets minding your business, your job is always to be attentive and out of the blue, you might hear someone call her name on the streets, you look back, and it is a guy calling his girl, not her but the same name. But that is a sign. I couldn’t list all possible signs, the possibilities are infinite. And when you do call her finally, I predict that it is going to be a wonderful conversation, and since you followed the archaic energy flow, I believe something good will manifest out of that specific phone conversation since how you talk to her is going to be completely different from how you would have if you had called her on the first day.

    Just like the hero’s journey, the threshold energy cycle has guardians, herald, allies, enemies, tricksters, mentors and shapeshifters making sure no one completes a cycle or at least make it hard for any participant. It wouldn’t be fun if there were no guardians at each point of the threshold energy cycle. To continue with our metaphor of molecular chemical reaction and now, we will also add the Monomyth of mythology to that of the threshold energy cycle in our thought processes.

    The first incident is the call to adventure which could be a voice inside you nagging you to act or the call could come from the external environment. Both are the same, in that they are demanding you address a situation in your life which has become an obstacle for your personal growth, if you believe the heralds and willing to make a change, congratulations you have accepted the call to adventure. There is going to be a back and forth of intense thinking, many refuse the call to adventure but those who accept the call, will have a helper at that moment, It is a supernatural aid. It could be a sign from the environment that you did the right thing and the fear and anxiety will dissipate once you made up your mind to finish a threshold cycle, but it is temporary. You will have to be tested by the first threshold guardian. It could be an obstacle in the environment design that your mind interprets as immovable. So your ego, suggests that you abort the plan immediately, what do you do? That girl you were going to call after 3 days. What if on the 2nd day you see her laughing and flirting with a handsome guy. Do you forget the whole thing? or see this as an obstacle to your destined manifest energy. Your ego is quick to tell you that they are probably dating and she has forgotten you. But if she gave you her number, she is probably expecting your call. And you have to give her the benefit of the doubt and think of the guy as just another guy till you confirm otherwise. A wise man once said, “we suffer more in imagination than in reality”. To get past the first threshold is easier said than done. But your job is to follow the archetypes, the roads millions traveled before you that it is imprinted in our psyche. And your job is to move on past the first threshold by taking a deep breath, calm down and reasoning the situation. You will definitely arrive at the crux of the situation and you will know what to do. The first threshold tests your fear of rejection, fear of death, fear of failure and anxiety of success and many forms of mental projections which aren’t necessarily true. Once past the first threshold, it will be obvious to your ego and body, that you mean business. And they will accept the new reality and you sleep well, but your ego is cooking a bigger obstacle to spoil your determination, it is the default nature of your ego, so don’t be mad at the “whole” self for the nature of your ego . Let’s take an example of quitting cigarettes, you accept the call to adventure and quit smoking, you overcome your fears and anxieties and cross the first threshold. But the next day, you might get into an argument with a random person and it is completely his mistake, you are so furious that smoking is the only thing on your mind to release the stress and anger. Either you will have to let out all your rage into that person or smoke one cigarette and internalize the confrontation, the cigarette is your catalyst. Or you might receive a devastating news which completely drains you and your activation energy drops and you feel it drop literally. Are you going to light up a cigarette to use it as a catalyst to increase your activation energy? I am talking from personal experience, it is the temptation of the highest order, in the purest sense. You might get too mad you could forget that you quit smoking in the first place. It could totally offset your energy balance at the chemical level. You could be completely overwhelmed by what transpires in the environment you have no control over. The second threshold or the midway revelation tests our resolve to the limit, if we really have what it takes to see this through to the end. It is where we find our true selves staring back at us. It is the moment of transformation, because your “self” will reveal a truth about you and it is your job to observe it and take what comes calmly and react reasonably ( being completely honest with yourself is of the utmost importance at this stage ). Your fear and anxiety led by your ego will show up and this time they are completely armed and they will overwhelm you with projections of what might happen, their goal is to get you off track obviously. This is another make or break moment. After analyzing the situation, it becomes clear to you that you have to sacrifice something to move on, and that decision will transform you in ways you never imagined. you were composed and you chose to continue in the face of overwhelming anxiety, that’s exactly what a hero will do.

    This time, there isn’t much supernatural aid, you have to go it alone. If you smoke only one cigarette and continue quitting, you have passed the threshold guardian, if you don’t smoke entirely, you are a winner with a bonus for later. If you abandon ship and get obsessed over the new situation, you lost.

    Now that you are transformed and wondering into the unknown, the tests and trials are not going to stop. But since you are in a confident mental state having passed the threshold guardians and the crucial midway revelation and transformed yourself. You will most probably pass the tests from the allies and friends who will motivate you with words ( which could have a negative impact, if your ego takes over and takes you to la la land, complimenting you and what not ), the enemies who will try to ruin your good run by downplaying your success. The mentor within you ( your memory ) will test you one last time if you have what it takes. All this micro tests and trials will happen and manifest differently. But let’s just say you pass it all without getting excited (triggered), staying calm and composed through it all. You will feel the atonement energy coming through and fill your activation energy full. Now you have full confidence you will reach the end, you are almost there. At this final stage, it is important not to get played by tricksters and shapeshifters who will try to seduce you and trick you into giving it all up. But of course you know better, you will have to move past them. Don’t make rush decisions, remember keeping calm, paying attention to the present and not letting anxiety creep into your head is your main job from day one, the fundamentals don’t change. So finally the day comes, no one knows when, it just arrives without announcing itself. the molecules collide, and a threshold energy cycle is complete. You will definitely enjoy the micro bliss moment, but it is a feeling that couldn’t be shared with another person. It is completely subjective and personal. After that, make a mental register or a note or you could go out and celebrate and then it is back to square one, preparing for the next threshold energy cycle.

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