How the elements manifest in the 12 zodiac signs

Based on 6/72 Symmetrical Astrology, each ascendant sign in the zodiac possesses within them all of the four elements of earth, water, air and fire. How these energies manifest in the native – both in their natal chart and during planetary transits – will be the same…

The Story of 6/72 Symmetrical Astrology

 At this stage, I didn’t know that the 6 fundamental stars formed a symmetry with the music intervals or that the Numerology of 6/72 fitted perfectly into The Platonic Year/The Great Year. As I continued with my research I found out that the 6 major intervals in western music (Tritone, The Circle of  Fifth, the Whole Tone, The Minor Third, The Major Third, and The Chromatic) formed the same stars as the 6 unique stars in 6/72 Symmetrical Astrology. And to my surprise there was a relationship between the music Scales and the energy movement of the 6 Cardinal stars of 6/72 Symmetrical Astrology.