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The Story of 6/72 Symmetrical Astrology

   I found out about the symmetry in Astrology while reading my natal Sidereal chart. While reading the chart, I started to imagine the chart as a wheel. I toyed with the idea that our lives are progressing in a wheel, and I thought, what if we are transiting each house for a specific number of years. Examining my own chart, I saw the five lines on each house which showed the progression of the degrees, 5 years per house made sense at the time, which makes a total of a 60 years transit. I studied my chart by assigning five years to each house, and probed the important events that impacted my life, and where the planets were stationed and transiting based on the 5/60 wheel. It was quite close but some of the events didn’t match the transit of the planets in my chart, they were off by 10 degrees or more. But the fact that I might have something got me excited.

   I decided to study the charts of celebrities to see if I might have the same results. And to my astonishment, it made sense, but the events were still off by 10 degrees or more. The major events in their lives like (the day they had a child, had a accident, were seriously ill, the day they died) didn’t align with the aspects and transits in their charts. I took a step back, a couple of months passed and while I was watching a documentary related to the Sumerians, I saw the number 72, and suddenly an idea flashed in my head, which I believe is an inspiration, it was magical. it felt like an entity (My Ancestors, Enki, Thoth, I don’t know) was telling me something, like giving me a secret key. it was a surreal experience, Try  72 ? That was it. It was an intense moment and I got that feeling that you get when you know something is right. I stopped everything and opened the file and replaced 5/60 with 6/72 and the transit of the planets aligned with the events in their lives perfectly. I checked my natal chart using the 6/72 model and it made much more sense and in most cases the major events in my life which I knew the exact date of started to match the transits of the planets, the events were mostly to the exact degree. It was a defining moment. Until that moment, I wasn’t sure about writing a book on Astrology, but after that moment, my view of Astrology completely changed, and that’s when I decided to write a book on Astrology. I  am not anAstrologer by any measure, I considered myself an Independent researcher on Symbolism. I was researching Cuneiform writings and ancient symbols at the time. Astrology was just a tool I used to understand myself after I found out my Sun was in Virgo and my Ascendant sign was Scorpio using Sidereal calculation and Vedic Astrology interpretations. It matched my personality and my life struggles made much more sense, I was in Awe of Vedic Astrology after that moment.

   But my 6/72 interpretation of Astrology wasn’t complete. All I had was fixed natal charts. Then another defining moment, another inspiration. I came up with the idea of connecting the houses for each Ascendant. I am a Scorpio Ascendant, so I started with that, and a beautiful 12 pointed star with a narrow circle in the middle emerged in what we call a regular star polygon or a Dodecagram in Geometry. I did this for all 12 Ascendants and that is when I realized something special. I saw that each star was formed by 2 Ascendants. Aries and Libra, Taurus and Pisces, Gemini and Aquarius, Cancer and Capricorn, Leo and Sagittarius, Virgo and Scorpio, each couple as I like to call them has a unique star that forms when you connect the houses  and they were 6 stars supporting the 6 year transit of each house.

   At this point, I believed, I have come across a groundbreaking Astrological interpretation. I never looked back after that. I decided to name the stars, I named the star formed by Aries and Libra Ascendants,”The Symmetry”. The second one, I named “The Circle” , which is formed by Taurus and Pisces Ascendants. They are both feminine energy houses. The third one, I named “The double hexagon” which is formed by Gemini and Aquarius Ascendants. They are both Air signs, and the interlace touches feminine and masculine houses respectively. 

The 6 Cardinal Stars of 6/72 Symmetrical Astrology


   The fourth star, I named “The spinning Square” it forms with Cancer and Capricorn Ascendants. The 3 spinning squares touch 1 of each of the four elements, They are both cardinal houses. The fifth star, I named “The spinning triangle”, it forms with Leo and Sagittarius Ascendants. The corner of each of the 4 spinning triangles touches one element each and each point of the triangle touches one fixed, mutable, & cardinal house. The sixth and final star, I named “The Phoenix”, is formed by Virgo or Scorpio Ascendants. It’s constantly moving 3 pointed arrows touch 1 element each and 1 of the fixed, mutable, and cardinal signs. 

   That is how I came up with the 6 fundamental stars. And besides 6 is the number of Man and you have 6 kinds of stars forming, so it made perfect sense and compliments 6/72 SA. If you are thinking, what if someone dies at the age 81 or 99, how will 6/72 SA work with that ?. The cycle works for everyone, even for those who live till the age  of 90, 120 or more. All you need to do is continue the chart by adding 6 years to 72.

   I assigned a color to each 2 Ascendants based on the personality and intensity of each 2 Ascendants and flames started to emerge after I used a drawing technique on Krita. I wasn’t sure if Scorpio or Aries was Red, or If Aries or Scorpio was Magenta. But after much research, I was convinced Virgo was Magenta and Aries was Red which would make Taurus/Pisces Orange, Gemini/Aquarius Yellow, Cancer/Capricorn became Green, Leo/Sagittarius became blue. These colors fit the personalities of each Ascendant perfectly.

The Color wheel of 6/72 Symmetrical Astrology


   At this stage, I didn’t know that the 6 fundamental stars formed a symmetry with the music intervals or that the Numerology of 6/72 fitted perfectly into The Platonic Year/The Great Year. As I continued with my research I found out that the 6 major intervals in western music (Tritone, The Circle of  Fifth, the Whole Tone, The Minor Third, The Major Third, and The Chromatic) formed the same stars as the 6 unique stars in 6/72 Symmetrical Astrology. And to my surprise there was a relationship between the music Scales and the energy movement of the 6 Cardinal stars of 6/72 Symmetrical Astrology.

This is the brief story of how I came up with 6/72 Symmetrical Astrology. 

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