is a Universal Language

A-tra-hasis – The final version (first 18 lines) – Geez/Tigrigna

Tablet I – Column I

(1) As for them, who spend their day, (2) saying he is not here, those who say, he corrupted people,

(3) the people were corrupted by the teachers, (4) they wanted to conceal the warnings, filthy offerings tormented (5) a quarter of them. The Annuna-ku, the humanity (6) they said, they wanted to assist the Igigi  (7) Anu then built a foundation, (8) the prince then, he changed, and made Enlil, (9) he set free Ninurta, (10) his child then Ennugi, (11) ravens also he had, the ravens at that time, (12) when he raised his hand, whatever he ordered,(13) if Anu says, I am thirsty at that time, (14)….and those who said drink, at that time, (15) he ensnared them, tied them, and killed them (16) As for those enemies of Enki, he plucked out (17) Anu got drunk, those who said at that moment, (18) Enki came, at that moment in a burning wood, he slayed them.



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