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Ge’ez/Tigrinya translation of Atrahasis – Tablet 1 – Part 1

atrahasis tigrinya

One thing you have to ask yourself is how does Ge’ez/Tigrinya translation give an accurate historical and contextual etymology which makes much more sense than the manistream translations. I will leave you to your own judgement.

Atrahasis – Tablet 1 – 15 lines

Atra Ahasis – it is time to inquire – እተራ አሐሲስ

Atra hesus – It is the time for the inferiors – እተራ ሕጹጽ

Atra hase – It is time to make things right – እተራ ሀሴ

Ahasis – አሐሲስ – inquire, demand, scrutnize, investigate.

Hesa/Hayasa – ሔሰ\ሐየሰ – be better, be suitable, make things better.

Atra/Etera -እተራ – the turn of something. a time for something.

Hesus – ሕጹጽ – less, minor, insufficient, inferior, diminished.

Atrahasis – Tablet 1 – 15 lines

1 – And they said out loud, – እንማ እሉ, ዐው ኢልም

2 – They said there is nothing, and those who said it is narrow and they need support – እበሉ ደየለ, እዝበሉ ጸበ ሶቀ ካአ

3 – those who said it is narrow and they need support were a quarter of them – ጸበ ሶቀ እሊ ርብዕማ

4 – they wanted twofold, adviced then and there, stood – ደልዮም ካዐቢት,

5 – A quarter of the seven Annunaki, – ርብዖም ድአኑናኪ ሰብዕቶም,

6 – stood to assist the Igigi, – ደው ኢልም እሽዐ እዘበሉ ደኢጊጊ,

7 – Anu, the father, cleared every thing, – አኑ አቦ ስዑ ነአጽሪዩ,

8 – The lord at that time he changed and made Enlil, – ማልክ እሽዑ ቀየረ ኤንሊል,

9 – The master at that time was Ninurta – ገዛኢ ለሽዑ ኒነርታ,

10 – The oppressed at that time was the Ennugi – ዐጋል ለሽዑ ነድእኑጊ,

11 – their birds he held, nine birds – ቃዓት እሒዙ, ቃዐ ትስዕ,

12 – he raised his hand, and gave his orders. – እስቃም ኢዱ ኢሉ አዚዙ.

13 – A goat for Anu came at that time – አኑ እጠሊ እሻዐ መጸአ

14 – [xx]xxxx and he drunk at the festival of that time, – እሰተ እባዐል እት ሽዑ,

15 – They said favours bestown we saw in that year, – ጸጋ ራእና እበሉ እታ ዓመት

to be continued …

below is the the translation by Wilfred G. Lambert and Alan R. Millard for comparison

1 – When the God’s like men

2 – bore the work and suffered the toil,

3 – The toils of the God’s was great,

4 – The work was heavy, the distress was much,

5 – The seven great Annunaki,

6 – were making the Igiigi suffer the work,

7 – Anu their father was the King,

8 – their counsellor was the warrior Enlil,

9 – their chamberlain was Ninurta,

10 – And their sherif Ennugi,

11 – The God’s had clasped hands together,

12 – had cast lots and had divided,

13 – Anu had gone up to heaven,

14 – […..]…..Th earth to his subjects.

15 – [The bolt], the bar of the sea,

The language of our collective consciousness


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