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Ge’ez/Tigrinya translation of Atrahasis – Tablet 3 – Part 1

atrahasis tigrinya

One thing you have to ask yourself is how does Ge’ez/Tigrinya translation give an accurate historical and contextual etymology which makes much more sense than the manistream translations. I will leave you to your own judgement.


Tablet 3

11 – Humiliation was seen and the fight got worse,

12 – at thta time, his horns like a fig tree,

13 – that time he called for a place close to him,

14 – XXXXXX to pay back the people at that time,

15 – Enki refused to argue at that time,

16 – he then explain the disagreement at that time,

17 – then the watchers came to drink,

18 – the watchers then broke in,

19 – then they enetered into a quagmire,

20 – their legs deep in the marshlands,

21 – while being confined, they saw a blazing fire,

22 – the entrance of the temple, which way it is ?

23 – one who has been tested and trialed,

24 – let him fight me, she said,

25 – the one who fights courageously,

26 – …….. a (spectre/phantom/sorcery) will see,

27 – ……………………………………..

28 – XXXX…………………………XXX

29 – to the Pleiades she called then and darkness fell,

30 – she instructed them to present themselves to Shamas (God) then,

31 – The darkness at that time was covered with dust,

32 – they bowed to him and they enetered,

33 – his glorious beam the, the grasses started to heat up,

34 – to you he said, we informed you,

35 – your thinking is clean, come to me swiftly,

36 – they enetered and remained there and wear tired, she called and,

37 – the palm of their hands was filled with 7 hundred snakes keeping watch,

38 – humiliation was seen, when she opened and saw them,

39 – the men chnaged into big rams then,

40 – Humiliation they saw and the fight got worse,

41 – the horn of the men at that time,

42 – she sends then and she casts a spell,

43 – to order Enki and Enlil,

44 – and to expalin to them, that XXXXX

45 – my father that drowned is the brother of Enki,

46 – their brothers protected them,

47 – The people said at that time,

48 – she forgot Enlil, who wanted to be her husband,

49 – she said ……

50 – them, they protected ……..

below is the the translation by Wilfred G. Lambert and Alan R. Millard for comparison

The language of our collective consciousness

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