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Ge’ez- Tirginya translation of Enuma Elish – The 7 tablets of Creation – Part 1

One thing you have to ask yourself is how does Ge’ez/Tigrinya translation give an accurate historical and contextual etymology which makes much more sense than the manistream translations. I will leave you to your own judgement.

Enuma Elis – He said, I am

Tablet 1

And he said I am the prophet, those who became deaf,

when the evidence is given, then they will remember,

Apzu turned his head around at that time,

The Mother Tiamat her procreation in the clouds he saw then,

at that time, he knew that her pregnancy was true then,

He counted all of them, then. six at that time,

and he asked, who is the 7th one ?

he remembered their names, the names that were given,

Their father he couldn’t find him,

Lahmu and Lahamu, the name of the big ones he remembered,

The remaining four were liqufied,

Ansar and Kisar were the big ones the one he could find, he saw then,

below is the the translation by Philippe Talon and L. W. King for comparison

The language of our collective consciousness

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