Ge’ez – Tigrinya translation of Enuma Elish – The 7 tablets of Creation – Tablet 2 – Part 3

One thing you have to ask yourself is how does Ge’ez/Tigrinya translation give an accurate historical and contextual etymology which makes much more sense than the manistream translations. I will leave you to your own judgement.


his eyes weakened with the steam smoke, investigating and listening,

into the crucifix he folded his hands and inserted it,

if he refused, he remembered the word he gave at that time, he despised it,

and when she heard of his fame, that he won’t be defeated, he is the rebel,

to make him somnolent she smeared oil in his eyes, and she sent the commander,

Kingu who tormented his weakened eyes,

he told him, to choose between his fame or from the deep,

pain that will befall him. A long snake like creature,

rolling into your hands, he looked him in his face,

and told him, my name is Ansar (translation unbeatable). then Tiamat decided the sinners,

then in order they will receive their punishment.

secretly she ordered to cut off the tall one first,

Then Enki/EA said to make things right, it was difficult for him, as his father in law,

he saw with his legs pressed together,

And when he was flailed, at that time he stood up and he,

told Mimmu Abzu is to blame,

Tiamat then ordered Kingu to forgive then,

at that time, master of the God’s, Anu was appointed,

and to look after nudimmud,

and he didn’t die then, he was cured with drugs and Ansar was raised.


The Language of our collective consciousness

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